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Covey named Bandmaster

Covey named American Bandmaster


Brian Covey, the band director at Lockport Township High School, has been named into the American Bandmasters Association for his outstanding work in music.


The American Bandmasters Association, founded in 1929, recognizes outstanding achievement on the part of Concert Band conductors and composers. 


The current membership (invitational) comprises approximately 300 band conductors and composers internationally.  There are only six high school band directors in the state of Illinois who have been invited for membership (three still active while the other three have retired). 


The American Bandmasters Association is generally considered the ‘Hall of Fame’ for band directors internationally.



The objectives of ABA are: 

·         the recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of Concert Band and its music

·         helpfulness and fellowship among members

·         an increasingly higher standard of artistic excellence for the Concert Band, its performers, conductors, and literature

·         a constantly greater contribution through the Concert Band to the musical life and culture of all peoples.