• 2015-2016 National German Exam

    Eighteen LTHS students competed in the 2015-16 National German Exam, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German. This on-line exam integrates video, audio and reading excerpts from authentic German sources. It allows students to evaluate their progress in the language and compare results against other students from the Northern Illinois Chapter of AATG, the largest chapter in the nation.
    Receiving a Gold Award for Distinguished Achievement on the Level 2 exam this year was sophomore Halley Price, for scoring in the 98th percentile among almost five hundred students taking the exam. Halley was presented her Gold Medal on May 1st at the 2016 AATG Student Awards Ceremony at Northwestern University. She was also interviewed for a chance to win a Study Trip Award, typically a 4-week tour and homestay to Germany or a scholarship to Concordia College’s full-immersion language camp in Minnesota.
    Winning a Silver Award for Distinguished Achievement with scores above the 80th percentile at the German 2 level were Caitlyn Krueger and Collin Van Henkelum. Earning Bronze medals and certificates at the fourth level were Joseph Diamond and Daniel Bernatowicz.
    Congratulations also go to those receiving Achievement Awards for scoring above the 50th percentile (higher than the majority of students taking their level exam): seniors Linas Savickas and Charles Peckman at Level 4 and freshmen Grace Watson, Adriana Watson and Citlalli Ramirez at Level 1.
    With a full German program culminating in Advanced Placement German for college credit during the fourth year, the Lockport German program is fortunate to have the National German Exam at each level now to bolster our efforts to achieve fluency and future success in language and cultural understanding.